Consultancy & Tech. Support.
I. Consultation
Covers the following areas:-
1) Auto ID Technologies & Applications language awareness for business community
2) Awareness about how to automate data capture.
3) Disseminating barcode & Auto ID culture.
4) Disseminating globalization requirements concerning, Barcode, EDI & E-commerce.
5) Trade globalization requirements, What it is & how to Applyget it.
6) International barcode systems.
7) Consumer protection control by presenting barcoded items without pricing mistakes.
8) Processing images, film masters and stickers.
9) Barcode verification concerning processing, printing, location and scanning.
10) Automating points of distribution, sales, accounts and warehouses.
11) Site visits to perform feasibility studies for the application of:

  • Production Shop-Floor Tracking.
  • Inventory control.
  • Time & attendance control.
  • Stock control.
  • Access control.

  • 12) Providing ADC supplies.
    13) Marketing Egyptian products to markets, providing rules of selecting markets and products.
    II. Technical support

    1. Issuing barcode numbers from Barcode Numeric Bank to members and associates.
    2. Processing stickers, film masters as technical operation using special software, on non-profit base by charging cost of labels and films only
    3. Verification process is followed to validate barcode scanning each time like first time
    5. Automatic Print & Apply solutions.
    6. Barcode overprinting service.
    7. Verifying the quality of a Printed Barcode is world wide approach, to make sure that the scanning equipment can read the symbol for the frist time and every time thereafter at the same quality
    (Barcode quality can vary based on brinting methods, substrates, and printing equipments).
    8. Providing Automatic Data Capure, Suppliers.
    9. Supply Chain Optimization
    10. Identification solutions using barcode for inventory management.
    11. Supply Wireless Solutions, Smart Cards Solution, EFID : Radio Frequency Idenification Solution, RF/CD Radio Frequency Communication Solution.
    12. Technical Support Services.