The Egyptian Barcode & Auto-ID Association "EBAIDA", is a non-profit NGO established under the Egyptian Law 84/2002, with issue No.1735/2003, aiming to promote Barcode & ADC Language among the Egyptian business community.

The Main Activities of EBAIDA:
- Promoting ADC language among businessmen.
- Increasing awareness about the importance of barcode and IT applications for products development.
- Introducing ADC International Suppliers by exhibiting their equipments to the Egyptian business community.
- Enhancing consumers' protection measures, by offering barcoded identified products.
- Disseminating globalization requirements,including Barcode,Electronic Data Interchange "EDI",E-Commerce, related Certificates, Traceability, etc.
- Organizing Conferences, workshops & exhibitions locally, regionally, and internationally.
- Organizing Seminars to Egyptian enterprises and business community.
- Offering IT applications & solutions, and providing technical consultations to Egyptian products.
- Managing IT Projects to promote ADC Applications.
- Co-operating with representative agencies and ADC dealers to acquire latest technology.

What is barcode?
- A designed pattern of bars & spaces of varying widths (one linear).
- Representing digits, letters, digits & letters, or special marks.
- Used to identify an item and regulate its movement.

Through the dissemination of Barcode & Auto-ID culture, and ICT synergies, EBAIDA's team of experts is ready to extend its technical support to Egyptian Products and to provide them with compatible hardware/software electronic barcode systems designed to manage and control their assets and operations efficiently.
EBAIDA provides consultation services to its clients prior and during the purchase of such systems so as to get the best offers from a large pool of ADC suppliers.
EBAIDA offers its members/clients, different schemes for after sales care service and on-job training, to safeguard the smooth running of such systems.

In the context of highly diversified and complicated business practices and activities, there is a great need for Auto-ID and electronic data collection and transfer systems, so as to guide decision makers and help them control sophisticated operations.
The dissemination of Auto-ID culture , the use of E-content and ICT business development tools enhance Products marketing capabilities, and facilitate the access of their goods & services through Large supply chains.
Barcode & Auto-ID Applications and Solutions is an efficient tool to control up-stream and down-stream flow of operations for supply chain management.
Using such tools at large, will help big firms integrate with SMEs forming specialized clusters, in order to benefit from the advantages of large scale economies.

Organization Chart:

Chairman Statement:
By avoiding keyboard and human interference, Barcode & Automatic Identification Technology (Auto-ID) provides faster and more accurate data entry, thus, adding higher information value and competitiveness for products commodities & services.
For that reason, the Egyptian Barcode & Auto-Id Development Association was issued as NGO under No. 1735/2003 to disseminate Barcode & Auto-Id language and culture within the Egyptian business community.
EBAIDA is composed of professionals representing International Automatic Data Collectors (ADC) and National Experts, ready to provide Products with consultation and training services in Electronic ID and its various applications.
Moreover, EBAIDA is managing Numeric Barcode Banks, so as to design barcode patterns, free of charge to its members, for marketing of their products and services. Meanwhile, those numbers are used in Barcode Applications & Solutions i.e. (Shop-Floor Tracking, Stock Control, Time & Attendance Control, .. etc)
EBAIDA's scope of work, also includes, Barcode & Auto-ID techniques to market products locally & abroad through barcode automatic control over POD (Points of Distribution), POS (Points of Sales), Points of Account & Points of Stores.
Although, EBAIDA is a newborn non-profit NGO, it is growing at fast and constant paces, because it responds to real needs of products for marketing them products locally with minimal costs.
By launching its USAID-ICT Project to support Products from the Food Sector in New Investment Cities, EBAIDA has managed to gain respect and confidence of Egyptian Businessmen's Associations, investment Associations , local products , and international organizations.
Through this Site, you can see how EBAIDA's services cover an important area required for Products internationalization and integration with global markets. This Site is, also, a window that brings to our visitors new drafts from the field of Auto-ID Technology.
Barcode Guide is Now in market , first Book in Middle East for this ERA.